Exploring the Extravagant Origin of Sanji's Lighter

YUSUD Jul 02, 2024

In the world of anime, certain characters and their accessories become iconic symbols of style and sophistication. One such character is Sanji from One Piece, renowned not only for his culinary skills and combat prowess but also for his distinctive gentlemanly demeanor. Among his many accessories, one that stands out is his elegant lighter, which has captivated fans worldwide.

Sanji's Lighter in Anime

The lighter made its notable appearance in One Piece episode 802, during a moment of intense emotion for Sanji. It showcases his refined taste and adds to his character's charm. Additionally, it features prominently in the One Piece Film: Z, further cementing its status as a cherished item among fans.

Origin of Sanji's Lighter

Created through a collaboration between Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, and the prestigious French luxury brand Dupont Lighters in 2012, this limited edition piece originally sold for an astounding 1,470,000 yen (approximately $9,097 USD). Its design, meticulously crafted to mirror its anime counterpart, captures the essence of Sanji's sophistication and flair.

Inspiring a Passion for Collecting

For enthusiasts of One Piece, owning Sanji's lighter isn't just about practicality—it's a testament to their love for the series. The Yusud One Piece Sanji Lighter, now available as a faithful replica for $76, allows fans to indulge in their passion for collecting without breaking the bank. Whether displayed proudly or used daily, it serves as a tangible connection to the beloved anime.


The Yusud One Piece Sanji Lighter represents more than just a functional item; it embodies the spirit of One Piece fandom. Whether you're acquiring it for yourself or gifting it to a fellow anime aficionado, this lighter promises to be a cherished addition to any collection. Visit the Yusud Lighter website today to discover more about this exquisite piece and make it a part of your everyday essentials.

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