How electric lighter works and Pros and cons

YUSUD Oct 18, 2023

An electric lighter, also known as a plasma lighter or arc lighter, works on the principle of creating a high-intensity electrical arc between two electrodes. Here's how it works step by step:

Battery or Rechargeable Power Source:
Electric lighters are usually powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Some disposable models might use non-rechargeable batteries.

When you open the lighter or press a button, the circuit is completed, allowing electricity to flow from the battery.

Arc Generation:
The electricity flows through a narrow gap between two electrodes at the top of the lighter. These electrodes are typically made of ceramic or tungsten.

As the electric current passes through the air between the electrodes, it ionizes the air, creating a conductive plasma channel. This ionization of air creates a visible and hot electrical arc.

Plasma Arc:
The plasma arc is incredibly hot, reaching temperatures of up to 900-1300°C (1652-2372°F). This intense heat allows the lighter to ignite flammable materials like cigarettes or paper.

Wind Resistance:
One of the advantages of electric lighters is that they are wind-resistant. Unlike traditional flame lighters, the plasma arc is not easily blown out by wind, making it useful in outdoor and windy conditions.

Safety Features:
Many electric lighters have safety features, such as auto-shutoff after a certain period of time to prevent overheating, and mechanisms to ensure the lighter doesn't activate accidentally.

Rechargeable electric lighters need to be charged after regular use. They often come with a USB port for convenient charging.

First: the disadvantages of electronic lighters are also very obvious, because it is through the electric current to ignite things, so the material of the lighter must be plastic and other non-conductive materials to prevent the electric current from harming the user.

Second: electronic lighters can only ignite very close or protruding things, such as candle wicks and cigarettes and other similar protruding objects. Beyond two centimeters of the object is basically can not ignite, so for cigars and wooden boards similar to the flat or thick object is no way to ignite.

If you want a lighter with the convenience and coolness of an electronic lighter and the same flame as a jet lighter, you can buy this YUSUD Arc and Torch 2 in 1 lighter. It has the function of an electronic lighter and the blue flame of a Torch lighter, allowing you to deal with a variety of random scenarios and have no concerns about the lighter's range.

It's important to note that electric lighters do not produce an actual flame but rather a controlled electric arc. Due to the absence of a real flame, they are considered safer in some situations and are often used in outdoor activities like camping. Additionally, they are often more environmentally friendly as they eliminate the need for disposable plastic lighters.

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