YUSUD 10pcs Cigarette Case, Joint Holder Case with Torch Jet Lighter

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  • COOL DESIGN: Multitool cigarette holder case with a cool gun shape and a torch lighter. The powerful blue jet flame lit up when you pull the trigger...pretty cool. Just enjoy ignition at any time, especially when you want to make a fire outdoors, it is also definitely a useful windproof lighter.
  • DURABLE & PORTABLE: Made of full hard wearing ABS material to protect your cigarettes from being crushed. Easily holds 10pcs 84mm king size cigarettes, ensuring the weed accessories are dry and tidy. Weighing only 90g, simply fits in your pocket and feels great in your hand.
  • TORCH JET LIGHTER RESUABLE: With universal butane refill valve, quick and easy to use, please fill the lighter gas before the first use. (Note: Butane is NOT Included due to airmail regulations) Also, the flame size can be adjusted to get a better ignition experience. Standard flame height 0.5-1 inch range.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEAS: This awesome joint holder is full of creativity and personality, making it a great bonus surprise gift for that special someone like your father, boyfriend, husband, brother on anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving, the recipient will love it. It is a perfect and fun experience to use in bars, parties, outdoors, beaches, parks.
  • NO RISK TO BUY: This unique cigarette holder with butane fuel lighter has a one-year warranty covering any usage issues and defects in workmanship, which is 100% backed by a refund or replacement. Please feel free to contact us to solve any problems for you.
Product information
Product Dimensions 4.88 x 3.94 x 1.1 inches
Item Weight 3.17 Ounces
Style Torch
Color Black
Material Abs
Fuel Type Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Buyer Reading Notice
Please always remember to slightly adjust the dial underneath if the lighter not in good performance.
The slotted screw around the filling valve, instead of the Philips screw beside is used for adjusting the flame.
Read the instructions before filling butane, 95% of the neg review problem are due to not operate the lighter correctly and patiently.

Buy with Risk Free Confidence
30 Days -24 Hours Money Back Promise : We offer 24 hours money-back promise if you receive a defective product or product damage in 30 days, NO the hassle to return the item back to Amazon Fulfillment Center, just contact us for a replacement or refund. 1 year quality service.please read the service clause for detail.

Please read the Caution carefully before using it.

1. Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are come without butane gas, so please refill fuel before using.
2. Lighter will not be ignited at the lowest setting or if the gas fuel is mixed with the other gas. So, please bleed the rest gas before refilling.
3. Recommended Burning time: No more than 30s.
4. Wait about 3 minutes before igniting after refilling gas fuel.
5.Drop it on the ground or impact may break it due to there is precise inner structure.
6. Don't use the lighter at max flame setting, which will break the lighter quickly.

Package Included
1 x Jet Fame Lighter with 84mm holder case
1 x gift box

Return Policy
If the product is damaged or defective when you receive, please don’t hesitate to contact us for return. Replacement or fully refund will be issued within 24 hours upon response time.

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