YUSUD 3 Flame Torch Lighter, Visible Gas Tank & Cigar Punch

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  • Unique 3 Jets Flame Lighter with Punch: Strong flames can evenly and quickly light and cooling down in seconds, which inspire you a great release and a pleasure enjoyment.
  • Compact and Utility Design: it is simple and very handy for one hand operation. And it is just a useful and comfortable gadget lighter to carry with every day.
  • Flame Adjustable and Butane Refillable: the flame can be easily adjusted using the gas pressure valve underneath ((clockwise to weaker flame and anticlockwise to stronger flame). Optimization inner structure and thermal-isolating sheet make it a safe and durable lighter.
  • Sleek Appearance and Gas Tank Window: it is made with high-grade Zinc Alloy and sleek electric plated, and features with special visible butane tank to remind you to refill the gas in time.
  • No Risk to buy and No Hassle to Return Promise: every lighter is sold in a reasonable price yet backed with 1-year service for any quality problem. Just click add to cart now, 100% no risk to give it a shot.
Product information
Product Dimensions 1.58 x 0.65 x 3 inches
Item Weight 6.7 ounces
Style Torch
Color Gray
Material Zinc
Fuel Type Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Why Choose YUSUD brand lighter?
1. Factory direct sales, reliable quality, YUSUD focus on designing and producing lighter since 2011, and change to do E-commerce business just since 2017.
2. This Lighter made with high-grade Zinc Alloy and sleek electric plated, Unique appearance, fashionable style! It's a perfect gift for Father’s Day, Birthday, Friends, Anniversary etc.
3. Buy with NO Risk: we provide 30 Days -24 Hours Money Bαck Promise if you receive a defective product or product damage in one year, just contαct us for a replacement or refund.

Why do peoples like this lighter?
Multi-functional integrated
Unique 3 Jets Flame, Butane Refillable and this torch lighter with punch cutter.
Compact and Utility Design:
It is simple and very handy for one hand operation. Just ignite lightly with one press, easy and convenient.
Flame Adjustable :
Flame can be easily adjusted using the gas pressure valve underneath. Meet everyone's flame size needs.

1.Clockwise to weaker flame and anticlockwise to stronger flame.
2.Visible butane tank can remind you to refill the gas in time.
3.Any problem please Contαct us for αfter-sαles support
4.Two colors available: SILVER and BLACK

1.Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are come without butane gas, so please fill fuel before using.
2.Please empty the remaining butane gas before filling. And wait 3-4 minutes before using.
3.This Lighter can't be ignited at the lowest setting as there is no butane pressure at that setting.
4.Do not using the maximum flame for burning long time when using lighters. Any lighter used in this way is dangerous. (Burning time no more than 1 minutes )

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