YUSUD Switchable Soft/Jet Flame 2 in1 Torch Lighters with Safety Lock

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  • 【LOCKABLE FUNCTION】 Creative valve switch, slide down the rocker arm on the front to release gas for ignition and push up to close, which is practical and fashionable. Please remember to open the vale before ignition and close it after every usage to prevent fuel evaporation. It will not misfire in the pocket and is very safe for families with curious kids.
  • 【SOFT / JET FLAME TORCH LIGHTER】 Two ignition modes can be achieved by purchasing only one pipe lighter. After pushing down the safety lock, you can press the button on the side to ignite windproof jet flame and release it to get a soft flame. A powerful and replaceable battery is required to guarantee stable ignition rate. (Lighter can’t work without a battery). Perfect butane lighter gift for men & women indoor and outdoor.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY & UNIQUE DESIGN】 Build with premium zine alloy, high grade finish, these elegant pipe lighters feel comfortable and are durable for long term use. Great choice as a lighter collection for gentleman with exquisite dog pattern and unique ignition method, low profile but stylish enough to show your good taste. Compact and easy to carry everyday.
  • 【REFILLABLE & ADJUSTABLE BUTANE LIGHTERS】 Universal refill valve for easy butane refill. No more disposable lighters, just get this refillable lighter and choose a butane gas canister with a long nozzle to start your journey at any time. You can use a screwdriver to adjust the jet & soft flame according to the multiple uses such as soldering, DIY jewelry, barbecuing, hiking or camping. (Please fill lighters fluid before using as butane gas is not included due to airmail regulations).
  • 【GREAT GIFT IDEA】 These fashion butane torch lighters with gift box are perfect gifts for men, husband, boyfriend, father or other friend(family) on Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary, Wedding and so on. If the lighter won't fill up or light, please read the manual included in the package.
Product information
Product Dimensions 3.54"L x 2.44"W x 0.79"Th
Item Weight 73 Grams
Style Torch
Color Gold
Material Zinc
Fuel Type Liquefied Petroleum Gas
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