YUSUD Vintage Trench Lighter, Cool Pipe Lighter Fluid Refillable, Antique Soft Flame Lighter, Unique Table Lighters with Gun Shaped, Holder Case, Creative Birthday Gift for Men Dad (Fuel NOT Included)

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  • 【UNIQUE STYLE】This vintage trench lighter is a unique table top lighter, can be ignited successfully by pressing the trigger, which is safe, convenient and fast. The cool pipe lighter is in the classic shape of a retro gun full of creativity and personality. The clip is an 84mm holder case. (It can’t fit the 100mm.)
  • 【PORTABLE & USEFUL】Just carry this vintage lighter in your backpack or car every day, which is useful in breezy outdoors especially when you are lighting or wanting to make a fire. The flint wheel ignition rate is high and you will get an bright, consistent large soft flame every time you flip it on.
  • 【REUSABLE & DURABLE】This cool lighter is easy to refill with fluid and replace the flint. And the tank is designed with rubber o-rings to keep the fluid from leaking and evaporating, effectively keeping the fluid in use for longer. (NOTE: Fluid is NOT included due to airmail regulations.)
  • 【BEST GIFT IDEAS】Definitely makes a great piece for your collection with an attractive vintage look, which is also a very good choice as birthday or Christmas gifts for men, your dad / father, boyfriend, husband, brother or grown son. They will have a perfect and funny experience when using it at bars, parties, outdoors.
  • 【NO RISK TO BUY】For more operation instructions, please refer to our pictures or the user manual that comes with this awesome antique lighter. The one-year warranty covers any usage issues and workmanship defects, and is 100% backed by refunds or replacements.
Product information
Product Dimensions 4.8 x 2.3 x 1.2 inches
Item Weight 5.6 ounces
Style Vintage
Color Black
Material Metal, Rubber
Fuel Type Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Product Description

1. The trench lighter made of high quality metal is a very historic style.
2. The flint ignition is quick and easy, and the flame is large. The cool lighter is suitable for various occasions for lighting in outdoor activities survival camping to make a fire and candles, etc.
3. Easy to refill the fuel / fluid, replace the flint and wick, and change the cotton ball to make the antique lighter have a longtime of use.
4. As the most distinctive gift choice, you can give it to family, friends, and yourself at meaningful times such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, wedding, Valentine and birthday.

What will you receive?
1X Unique cool lighter
1X Exquisite packing box
1X user manual

1. Due to air mail regulations, all lighters do not include the fuel, so please fill up with fuel before use by yourself.
2. Don't add fuel excessively to prevent the wick from getting too wet and affecting ignition.

After-sales service
As we promised, our products are strictly tested and provide a one-year warranty. Once there is any problem with the product, please feel free to contact us to solve it for you.

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