How Do Permanent Match Work: Practical Use and Daily Maintenance

YUSUD Oct 20, 2023

Fire is one of the most important things you can do when you go camping, and having a reliable fire starter will make it easier for you to get the job done while you're out there. Outdoor weather often makes the matches and lighters we carry wet and unusable. But the Permanent Match will increase your success rate in lighting a fire outdoors!

Understanding the Technology Behind Permanent Match      

The Permanent Match uses flint as a friction strip. Flint is usually used in conjunction    with a metal striker (fire striker). When the metal strip is scraped against the flint, it creates a large number of sparks that can ignite nearby combustible materials. A cotton wick with fuel at the top of the metal strip will be ignited by the spattering sparks to get our flame.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use Permanent Matches Safely and Effectively

Now, assuming we have a brand new Permanent Match lighter, let's first make sure our Permanent Match lighter is intact by taking out the metal lighter bar and looking to see if there is any metal leaking out of it, and that the cotton wick around the periphery is at least half of the length of the exposed spatula. We tried to scrape our flint lighter bar with the scraper until a spark appeared. This is because brand new Permanent Match flint lighter strips are covered with a thin film to prevent ignition in transit.
Okay, now that the preparation is complete, we add fuel (gasoline or kerosene) to the fuel storage compartment. The wick is placed in the storage compartment for a full soak and then removed and scraped across the surface of the flint lighter bar. The flame appears.

Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Permanent Match in Top Condition

Your trusty tool needs care too. Remove any debris from the surface of the flint lighter after use. Key Points! The exposed portion of the wick should be at least half the length of the exposed scraper. And when the wick is blackened and shortened, the wick will not absorb enough liquid and will be difficult to light. This is the time to extend or replace the wick.


Permanent Match in Camping: Must-Have Gear for Campers

Imagine you're out camping, surrounded by nature's wonders, and when night falls, you need reliable light and warmth. We can light a camping lantern, a flame starter for a barbecue, a pilot for a water boiler.Permanent Match is your must-have gear, your reliable companion on the camping trip.They are compact, waterproof, and highly efficient.


Where to Buy Permanent Match

You can find Permanent Match in a lot of places, but in terms of practicality and benefits,Withstand at least 10,000+ ignitions, waterproof, anti-fuel evaporation, keychain design, with bottle opener, it is your best camping partner! I'd recommend cilck here


In short, Permanent Match are more than just tools. They are tools for survival and convenience. Understand their technology, master their use, and ensure their maintenance, and you'll be rewarded with an Outdoor Camping Experience Enhancement Card. The next time night falls, let Permanent Match be your beacon of light to guide you through the dark nights and fun days. Happy camping! 🏕️🔥

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